• Miami is racing against time to keep up with sea-level rise

    When the flooding is really bad, water doesn’t just fill the streets outside Manolo Pedraza’s house. It bubbles up through a shower drain. » Read More

  • Mississippi Gov. Bryant Orders More Than 100 Bridges Closed

    The state of Mississippi’s bridges are in such bad shape that the governor has ordered at least 102 closed this week. » Read More

  • Water 'lost' hits 761m litres per day despite investment

    The amount of "unaccounted-for water" has increased year on year despite Irish Water's massive investment programme. » Read More

  • The 90-second shower habit is hard to break

    (CNN) - When I told friends that my wife and I were heading to Johannesburg -- which had just been hit by torrential rain and flooding -- for a family wedding over Easter, they joked about how lucky we were to be able to take deep baths and long showers.

    » Read More

  • That stinks! Dodgers-Angels called due to sewage leak

    LOS ANGELES - The final game of spring training between the Angels and Dodgers was cut short Tuesday night because of a foul-smelling leak that spilled sewage onto the field at Dodger Stadium. » Read More

  • Baltimore "loses" one third of its treated water, data show

    Pressed on whether it is still hemorrhaging that much clean water, DPW’s Rudy Chow ducks the question » Read More

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Who We Are

The Alliance for PE Pipe is devoted to sharing the features and benefits of smooth walled pressure pipe to benefit the municipal water and wastewater industry. The Alliance conducts roadshow events and seminars, publishes articles and assists engineers and municipalities as they plan HDPE projects.

Why HDPE Pipe?

• Leak-free
• Corrosion Resistant
• Less Maintenance
• Tough, Ductile, Flexible
• Superior Seismic Resistance
• The Trenchless Pipe
• Lowest Life Cycle Cost of all pipes
• Often lowest installed cost of all pipes

What People Are Saying

HDPE has had a significant impact on our capital improvement program. We have been able to pipe burst our existing AC pipe with HDPE.  It has really allowed us to implement more miles for a lower cost.
Alan Ambler, PE - Water Resources Director, Casselberry, Florida (suburb of Orlando)

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