• California water districts to get 0% of requested supplies in unprecedented decision

    Water agencies in drought-stricken California that serve 27 million residents and 750,000 acres of farmland won’t get any of the water they have requested from the state heading into 2022 other than what’s needed for critical health and safety, state officials announced on Wednesday. » Read More

  • Scottsdale set to cut off water access for Rio Verde Foothills residents

    Homeowners in the Rio Verde Foothills, located north of Scottsdale, are losing their water access, and that has some people living in the area worried. FOX 10's Bailey Miller reports. » Read More

  • Californians are asked to conserve during drought. Some water companies don't even track what they waste

    When you see a constant stream of water heading into the sewer drain stemming from a pipe leak, do you ever wonder how much of it is wasted water? Chances are, the amount of water going down the drain isn't being tracked. At the same time, Californians are being asked to conserve water during a severe drought. During the summer, people from one Elk Grove neighborhood called KCRA 3 Investigates about a pipe that had been leaking in the middle of the street for over a week on Hendon Way. We noticed gallons of water flowing right down the drain. » Read More

  • Robots vs. Fatbergs: High-Tech Approaches to America’s Sewer Problem

    Snaking beneath our feet, all across America, are hundreds of thousands of miles of dark, dank tunnels. These channels for wastewater and storm water are, according to those who explore them for a living, home to all manner of hazards, including creatures (rats and alligators), obstructions ("fatbergs" and mineral deposits), and poison gasses concentrated enough to eat through concrete. » Read More

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Who We Are

The Alliance for PE Pipe is devoted to sharing the features and benefits of smooth walled pressure pipe to benefit the municipal water and wastewater industry. The Alliance conducts roadshow events and seminars, publishes articles and assists engineers and municipalities as they plan HDPE projects.

Why HDPE Pipe?

• Leak-free
• Corrosion Resistant
• Less Maintenance
• Tough, Ductile, Flexible
• Superior Seismic Resistance
• The Trenchless Pipe
• Lowest Life Cycle Cost of all pipes
• Often lowest installed cost of all pipes

What People Are Saying

HDPE has had a significant impact on our capital improvement program. We have been able to pipe burst our existing AC pipe with HDPE.  It has really allowed us to implement more miles for a lower cost.
Alan Ambler, PE - Water Resources Director, Casselberry, Florida (suburb of Orlando)

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