• Floating islands of rubbish pollute Bulgaria's rivers after days of heavy rainfall

    Bulgarian authorities were left clearing up after heavy rains and floods struck several towns in the west of the country. » Read More

  • Ex.-Michigan Gov. Snyder charged in Flint water crisis

    LANSING, Mich. – Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was charged Wednesday with willful neglect of duty after an investigation of decisions that left Flint with lead-contaminated water and a regional outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease. » Read More

  • Wall Street eyes billions in the Colorado's water

    There is a myth about water in the Western United States, which is that there is not enough of it. But those who deal closely with water will tell you this is false. There is plenty. It is just in the wrong places. » Read More

  • Americans are not causing the ocean plastic problem

    For years, environmental activists and political leaders have used images of waste-filled beaches to turn consumers against plastic. The imagery has been used to support calls to ban common single-use plastics, including straws, shopping bags, bottled water, and more. Thinking they are helping the environment, many Americans support these policies. » Read More

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Who We Are

The Alliance for PE Pipe is devoted to sharing the features and benefits of smooth walled pressure pipe to benefit the municipal water and wastewater industry. The Alliance conducts roadshow events and seminars, publishes articles and assists engineers and municipalities as they plan HDPE projects.

Why HDPE Pipe?

• Leak-free
• Corrosion Resistant
• Less Maintenance
• Tough, Ductile, Flexible
• Superior Seismic Resistance
• The Trenchless Pipe
• Lowest Life Cycle Cost of all pipes
• Often lowest installed cost of all pipes

What People Are Saying

HDPE has had a significant impact on our capital improvement program. We have been able to pipe burst our existing AC pipe with HDPE.  It has really allowed us to implement more miles for a lower cost.
Alan Ambler, PE - Water Resources Director, Casselberry, Florida (suburb of Orlando)

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