• With 100 Days of Water Left, Cape Town Risks Running Dry

    Cape Town, the crown jewel of South Africa’s tourism industry, has 100 days before it runs out of water. » Read More

  • Flint accepts copper pipe deal, but PE under consideration for pilot area

    Flint, Mich. - Members of the Copper Development Association Inc. helped the city of Flint acquire enough copper pipe to replace lead-tainted service lines to about 5,000 houses at a discount of about $1 million. » Read More

  • Experts meet on water infrastructure issues in Flint

    Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder opened a conference on water infrastructure by pointing to Flint’s water crisis as a “warning signal.” » Read More

  • The Drink: Former Mayor of Flint Shares His Experience of the Flint Water Crisis

    Dayne Walling twice drank Flint’s toxic water on television. The first time was in April of 2014. The City of Flint, under pressure from an austerity-obsessed Republican state government, changed its water source from the more expensive Detroit municipal water system to the cheaper Flint River. » Read More

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The Alliance for PE Pipe is devoted to sharing the features and benefits of smooth walled pressure pipe to benefit the municipal water and wastewater industry. The Alliance conducts roadshow events and seminars, publishes articles and assists engineers and municipalities as they plan HDPE projects.

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Why HDPE Pipe?

• Leak-free
• Corrosion Resistant
• Less Maintenance
• Tough, Ductile, Flexible
• Superior Seismic Resistance
• The Trenchless Pipe
• Lowest Life Cycle Cost of all pipes
• Often lowest installed cost of all pipes

What People Are Saying

HDPE has had a significant impact on our capital improvement program. We have been able to pipe burst our existing AC pipe with HDPE.  It has really allowed us to implement more miles for a lower cost.
Alan Ambler, PE - Water Resources Director, Casselberry, Florida (suburb of Orlando)

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