Alliance Attends White House Water Summit

Alliance Attends White House Water Summit

The White House held a Water Summit at the end of March to encourage industry, local government and state governments to boost water sustainability and long-term water security by increasing use of water efficient and reuse technologies. The White House said, “….through better management practices and technology, we have potential to considerably reduce water usage by 33 percent…. and could reduce the nation’s total CO2 emissions…”

In recognition of leak-free conveyance, all the benefits it affords local municipalities and its compact carbon footprint, the Administration invited the Alliance to attend the Water Summit.  The use of Leak Free HDPE pipe is an industry best practice because it does not leak, it does not pit, it does not corrode, it moves with the ground, it lasts longer than 100 years, it costs less than ductile iron and it can be installed trenchless construction methods. Joining Alliance Executive Director, Peter Dyke was Mr. Alan Ambler, PE from Casselberry, Florida (Suburban Orlando) who has pioneered the use of HDPE pipe with trenchless pipe bursting.  Mr. Ambler chose HDPE because it does not leak, it is minimally invasive under his streets and it was less expensive that traditional methods.  With over 35 miles under his belt, Ambler is committing significant funds annually to renovating his system with HDPE.

One of the key topics was the importance of utility resilience in the face of climate change and increasing demand on our limited water resource. HDPE is a part of that message because it is seismically resistant and does not leak. Ambler and Dyke took that message to the White House for the Water Summit and 100 attendees learned about the need for an industry to change its practice and adopt more efficient and sustainable practices. 

FACT SHEET: Working Together to Build a Sustainable Water Future

Peter Dyke and Alan Ambler attend White House Water SummitAlliance Executive Director, Peter Dyke and Mr. Alan Ambler, PE from Casselberry, Florida attend the 2016 White House Water Summit.