Deep Dive Day

Deep Dive Day

2019 PE Showcase - Day in Sedona

So what is Deep Dive Day all about? It is our effort to provide thorough, concentrated discussion on key topics for a 2 hour period. Sometimes typical 50 minutes sessions are not sufficient to get through material well enough. So the Alliance devotes an entire day to Deep Dive topics. This year we have several sessions to choose from.

Butt Fusion - A full day session where you can walk away with a small diameter butt fusion card ($95 upcharge). Taught by McElroy staff.

Electrofusion - Two separate sessions on basic electrofusion through large diameter. Typically the "easiest" fusion method is the most complicated. Learn from experts on EF.

Users Are Teachers DL6 - This session is 2 hours on the DL6, how it works, why your customers need it and how to sell it. Highly rated in 2018. Mike Pacheco (McElroy) is lead instructor.

New to PE I - Taught by Alliance Executive Director Peter Dyke, this popular class covers PE history, companies, people, processes and markets.

New to PE II - Led by the Alliance's Drew Mueller, this highly rated session focuses on demos: butt fusion, datalogger, pipe display, faction fusion saddles, mechanical repair, spool repair, electrofusion saddles and squeeze off.

History of Pipe - Led by the Alliance's Peter Dyke, this session puts HDPE in perspective with other pipe types. Ideal for the newer sales person that has interaction with other pipes.

HDPE vs PVC & DIP - This highly rated class is back for 2019. We are asked to compare our products to others with great regularity. Learn about PVC and DIP then how HDPE compares to the other 2 dominant pipe types.

Wednesday & Thursday, December 4th & 5th
Deep Dive Educational Day (2 Hours Each)
10:30 AM | 1:00 PM | 3:00 PM - 3 separate start times