2019 PE Showcase Event Schedule

  Wednesday, Dec 4th - Deep Dive Educational Day (6 Topics, 2 Hours Each)

8:30 AM Butt Fusion Training (McElroy)
10:30 AM New to HDPE? (Dyke)
Selling EF Fundamentals (Harris)
1:00 PM New to HDPE Demos (Mueller)
Users Are Teachers DL6 (Pacheco)
Teach HDPE 101 (Dyke)
3:15 PM PVC vs DIP vs HDPE (Svetlik, Langston)
Fusible Plastic Pipes (Bush)
Hall Demos Drop In (Full Team)
5:45 PM Pipeline Plastics TopGolf Championship
Meet in Lobby. Coach departs 6 PM
6:00 PM Tequila and Craft Beer (Integrity Fusion)
Meet at Falls Terrace on property

  Thursday, Dec 5th - Official Start of PE Showcase

8:00 AM Sponsor Showcase
8:15 AM Deep Dive Users Are Teachers DL6 (Pacheco)
Deep Dive Selling EF Fundamentals (Harris)
8:30 AM Distributor Advisory Panel - Executive
10:00 AM Testing Understood (Boros)
Root Cause Analysis (Kolasa)
11:00 AM Chlorine Hurts (Keller)
Trench Safety (Brubach)
11:30 AM Buffet Lunch Open (Strongbridge)
12:15 PM Welcome Remarks
1:00 PM PVC vs DIP vs HDPE (Langston, Svetlik)
PE Standards (Johnston)
3:00 PM The Plastic Pitch (Panel)
Demos with Pipe Bursting (Mueller)
4:10 PM PPI Software (Boros)
Pipebursting Practices (Ambler)
5:45 PM Cocktail Reception (McElroy) (Diff POV)
6:45 PM WL Plastics Dinner (Diff POV)
8:00 PM Poly Feud (Krausz USA) (Diff POV)
9:45 PM PolyTones (Diff POV)

  Friday, Dec 6th - Final Day PE Showcase

8:45 AM Fusible Plastic Pipes (Bush)
Bursting It All (Orton)
9:45 AM Contractor Panel (Kolasa)
Electrofusion and Training
11:00 AM Municipal Panel (Dyke)
12:45 PM Annual Meeting
2:00 PM PE Showcase End

See You In Dallas in 2020!