Mexico Experiences Dangerous Drought While Companies like Coca-Cola and Heineken Take Billions of Liters of Water From Public Reservoirs

Hailey Kanowsky, One Green Planet on August 02, 2022

Mexico is experiencing a dangerous drought as drink companies continue to use billions of liters of water. The drought in Northern Mexico is so bad that taps are dry in the city of Monterrey. Pipas, or water delivery trucks, are the only way for the community to get water. As many people can’t afford water bottles, the public is growing increasingly angry at companies like Coca-Cola and Heineken that are taking billions of liters of water from public reservoirs, according to a Guardian piece.

Monterrey has a population of 5.3 million people who have had no running water in their homes for months. Trucks that carry drinking water sometimes deliver water that is brown or has insects in it, according to the Guardian.

Many brewers and soft drink companies have factories in the city, and they are responsible for taking nearly 90 billion liters of water a year. 50 billion liters of this comes from public reservoirs.

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