Water is getting much, much more expensive in these 30 cities

Sarah Frostenson, VOX on May 19, 2017

Water utility prices in the US continue to march upward, and now as many as a third of Americans may be unable to pay their monthly water bill.

In the past seven years, water rates in the US have climbed more than 50 percent on average, according to a new survey of water rates in 30 large US cities. In some locales, like Austin, Texas, rates have soared more than 150 percent, with a disproportionate impact on the poor.

The new data come from Circle of Blue, a nonprofit network of journalists and scientists who cover water issues. In this map of their data, you can see the average monthly cost for a family of four using 12,000 gallons water a month (the Environmental Protection Agency’s estimate for average household use). The differences between cities are pretty dramatic.

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