Southern California Reservoir Inlet Pipe Project Encounters Tight Space

ISCO Industries on March 18, 2010

Reservoir Number Nine in San Clemente, CA faced a tight spot when a 12-inch corroded steel pipe needed to be replaced. The pipe was located in a large potable water storage tank – about the size of a football field. Water is pumped through a pump station into the vault through the pipe and dispersed throughout different areas in the tank.

From the start of the installation, there was one problem that had to be addressed. The only access to the reservoir storage tank was through a 36-inch square access way at the top. The small access point reached 22 feet from the top down to the floor of the tank.

The contractor on the project, NEWest Construction, needed a way to fuse the replacement pipe once it was inside the storage tank. The project, which began in February 2010, was time-sensitive so the pipe had to be fused quickly. Clem Miner, the NEWest Construction superintendent on the project, knew it would not be easy to get a fusion unit into the reservoir through the small entrance.

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