States see Trump's infrastructure promise slipping away

Lydia DePillis, @CNN Money on December 19, 2017

Last December, a delegation from the U.S. Conference of Mayors attended a meeting on the 29th floor of Trump Tower, and left encouraged: President-elect Donald Trump had reiterated a promise from the campaign trail that his new administration would use federal dollars to leverage $1 trillion in funding for everything from the nation's roads and bridges, to its transit systems and electrical grid.

In ensuing months, Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the mayors' annual conference, reiterating the White House's commitment to drumming up a massive investment. The administration tapped two well-connected New York developers to run an Infrastructure Council, but it was later disbanded. White House summits and Trump's "Infrastructure Week" came and went, but no concerted effort began.

"We have said to him, 'if you want to do economic development, rather than screwing around with this tax bill that's so unpopular, let's do infrastructure,'" said Tom Cochran, the Conference of Mayors' executive director. "When it's all over, there's just a lot of discussion. There's no plan."

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