Democrats Push $1.5T Infrastructure Bill Through House But Face GOP Wall in Senate

Tom Ichniowski, Engineering News-Record on July 01, 2020

The House has approved legislation drafted almost entirely by Democrats that would pour an estimated $1.5 trillion over five years into a wide range of infrastructure programs. But Senate Republicans have slammed the House measure as a nonstarter and the White House has issued a veto threat.

The House vote on July 1 was 233-188, along nearly solid party lines.

The core of the package is its $494 billion for surface transportation, including $319 billion for highways, $105 billion for transit and $60 billion for rail—all substantial increases over current levels. See June 22 ENR story on bill here.

But the measure's range extends much more broadly. It would provide $45 billion for wastewater treatment, $37.5 billion for airports, $100 billion for school construction and $70 billion for clean energy, among other categories.

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