Longboat Key's main sewer pipe breaks, spilling sewage

Timothy Fanning, Herald-Tribune on June 30, 2020

LONGBOAT KEY - The Town of Longboat Key's aging and central sewer pipe that pumps the town's wastewater under Sarasota Bay to the Manatee County Wastewater Treatment Facility recently ruptured, spilling an unknown volume of sewage for nearly two weeks into Sarasota Bay.

The rupture, which was expected to take days to fix, initially prompted the town to urge all commercial, resort and residential properties to minimize water and wastewater use to control the amount of effluent moving through the underwater pipeline until it could be repaired. The repairs were completed late Tuesday.

Records show the spill began on June 17 but Longboat Key did not publicly report the issue until Monday, nearly two weeks later.

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