Lincoln Tunnel: Commuters Freak As WaterPours Into NYC Tunnel - Scary Video

Jason Brow, Hollywood Life on July 16, 2020

As if 2020 wasn’t already bad enough, NYC commuters found themselves in a living nightmare when water suddenly started flooding into the Lincoln Tunnel – and the footage of the leak is terrifying!

The fear of everyone who has ever traveled through the Lincoln Tunnel seemingly came true on July 14. As drivers sat bumper-to-bumper in the tunnel – which runs under the Hudson River to connect Manhattan to Weehawken, New Jersey — they were horrified as water suddenly started gushing in. “Well, that’s concerning,” said driver Anthony Consiglio, who posted the footage to his Instagram Story. “I’m inside the Lincoln Tunnel, which is underwater. I’m pretty sure there’s a movie about this, and everybody dies.”

Thankfully, no one died. The Port Authority, who is responsible for maintaining the Lincoln Tunnel, tweeted that the tunnel’s “left lane [will be] closed for approximately 30 minutes due to emergency maintenance.” Shortly after that, the agency tweeted that the “previous altert…is no longer in effect,” and that the tunnel was experiencing delays due to “emergency maintenance.” Port Authority, in a statement to HollywoodLife, said that it wasn’t the Hudson River flooding into the tunnel, but “a rupture of a water main in a facility room in the Center Tube.”

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