EARTHQUAKES! HDPE Pipe is Best Choice for Areas with Seismic Activity

Plastics Pipe Institute on January 01, 2009

Can you imagine several weeks or even several days without clean water, without sewer, or without natural gas, while severed pipelines are repaired following an earthquake? When you’re faced with an impending disaster, isn’t it only natural to take steps to prevent or minimize the catastrophe? Believe it or not, our towns and major metropolitan areas are on the cusp of such situations, but there are measures municipalities can put in place to lessen the damage impact.

Mayors should be concerned about compromised pipelines during an earthquake event since almost every US state and Canadian province has experienced some earthquake activity. Most municipal pipe systems have not been designed to resist earthquake loads. Contractors and design consultants have not been required to address these hazards in pipe systems, even though requirements and standards are established for buildings and other structures in seismic regions that do address these conditions.

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