Cleanup In Aisle 9! Crews Rip Up Old Town Walgreens, Piling Mounds Of Dirt And Bricks In The Middle Of The Store

Justin Laurence, Block Club Chicago on June 09, 2021

OLD TOWN - If you were buying sunscreen from the Old Town Walgreens, it was in stock Tuesday - but you might have had to climb over a giant pile of dirt and bricks, then avoid falling into a trench, to get it.

A construction crew tore through the convenience store’s floor Tuesday, pulling up brick pavers from a bygone era in the process to replace a failed sewer pipe. They discarded the debris between alcohol, sunscreen and pool floats as shoppers continued to peruse the store.

The work was captured in a now-viral tweet by Chicagoan Michelle Stenzel, showing workers shoulder-deep in the earth in the middle of the store.

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