Palo Alto Replacing Aging Water Mains With HDPE

Beatrice Karnes, Palo Alto Patch on November 18, 2012

A week ago today some Palo Alto residents awoke to dry taps and toilets that wouldn’t refill after the initial flush. A water main had ruptured during the night sending water gushing down Newell Street. Palo Alto City Utilities crews worked through the night and much of Saturday to replace the bad pipe and get water flowing again.

Palo Alto is a mature city with quaint streets, graceful architecture—and an aging infrastructure.

Snaking beneath streets are 230 miles of water mains. The pipelines are made of everything from cast iron to concrete. The majority, 138 miles, is asbestos cement pipe (ACP) installed from the 1940s – 1970s.

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