PE Showcase Testimonials

PE Showcase Testimonials

Don't miss out on this great learning and networking opportunity

I attended my first showcase last year and I was blown away by the amount of information I was able to get in just a couple of days.

In this business we get a lot of objections that we have to overcome as far as the use of HDPE pipe. One class in particular stands out, the class on chlorination and HDPE. Ways this could be mitigated and why it’s a non-issue if we know how to talk about it. That is what the Alliance helps me to do, speak more intelligently about the products I represent.

          Dave Mosier – Core & Main

The Industry Showcase is a unique event. It brings distributors together who are actually competitors which is an unusual thing. But as a manufacturer I get to meet 125-150 distributors and it is a perfect networking event. I can find allies to help in the market place to help me sell ball valves, gate valves and fire hydrants.

        Michael Chambon – American AVK

PE Showcase brings all our channel partners and all of the industry together to really educate on municipal usage, water usage, fusable pipe systems and it gives a great venue for us to bring that entire industry together to educate and understand where we need more opportunities, where we have a better education process.

        Jim Johnston – McElroy Manufacturing

Last year was my first experience at the Showcase. My favorite part was the Data Logger class where there were 75 minutes for individuals to go into a session and spend some time with the McElroy product manager for Data Loggers Michael Pachecko and they were each able to each have a brand new data logger in front of them and Michael was walking them through the steps on how to be very effective with tracking your fusions and loading them up – to a fault - making sure they have proper fusion process followed. It was just a great class, very informative and I think the people that attended that class got a lot out of it.

         Jeff Turner – McElroy Manufacturing

When we adapt to the different aspects of polyethylene and where the municipalities are at, people that have already attended the show this will be an incentive for them to come again because they will learn additional things because we are adapting to the needs of the municipal environment.

         Richard Kolassa – WL Plastics