Richard Brand

Richard Brand

Richard Brand has worked at the East Windsor Municipal Authority for seven years. As executive director he manages the operations and maintenance of the Municipal Utilities Authority water and sewage system, which encompasses over 200 miles of mains and provides service to over 34,000 residents.

He is responsible for managing a $10 million budget as well as bid specifications, scheduling, laboratory sampling, permitting, and customer service for the authority. He oversees the training and development of a department of 48 employees.

Mr. Brand also manages all capital projects some of which include:

  • A $30 million, expansion of a water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant upgrade
  • A $20 million, 20 year water main replacement project.
  • A $1.5 million HDPE directional drill project under the NJTPA roadway.
  • Changing the regulations from Ductile Iron Pipe to HDPE for all new development
  • A recently completed Infiltration Inflow study

Mr. Brand is devoted to having a positive impact on the public well-being and environmental sustainability.