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Calling all Water & Wastewater Operators, Superintendents and Engineers.
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Demo Day #2 - Specialty Advanced

Tuesday, September 29th - 2:00 PM ET
Demo Day #2 - Specialty Advanced

With the support of many of our nation’s experts, the Alliance will take demo day one step further. Demonstrations of advanced techniques, skills and products will be explored, including:

  • Demo 1: Bead removal - interior and exterior
  • Demo 2: McElroy - job site productivity gear, rollers, racks
  • Demo 3: Side Bend Testing
  • Demo 4: Plasson USA 10" Diameter EF - peeling, alignment clamps, coupler
  • Demo 5: Specialty Fusing AVK HDPE Valve - video from the plant, set up in the 28
  • Demo 6: Core & Main - What does the Fab Shop do?
  • Demo 7: Faction Fusion WW Vacuum Saddle
  • Demo 8: ISCO - MJ Adapter Kit: What’s in the box?
  • Demo 9: Mechanical Repair - HYMAX

  • • Access to national HDPE experts
  • • This session lasts 90 minutes
  • • CEU or PDH available (dependent on your state's requirements)
  • • Content from our highly successful roadshow events in a new webinar format

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We are using GoToWebinar which is a super easy to use program that allows audience interaction via chat questions that the moderator receives.

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*Advanced Registration Required.