Virginia Beach, VA Roadshow March 13, 2019

Virginia Beach, VA Roadshow March 13, 2019

Calling All Water & Wastewater Professionals
Municipal Water + Wastewater staff, Public Works staff, Consulting Engineers, Pipe Contractors, Utility Officers, Repair Crews & Public Works Management.... this free show is for you

HDPE Pipe Advanced Total Solutions Roadshow

Thursday, March 14th, 2019 - 7:30 AM - 2:30 0PM

  • • Continental Breakfast
  • • Catered Lunch
  • • Free Parking
  • • Access to HDPE Experts
  • • WIN an iPAD
  • • 5 VA CE for engineers
  • • Two tracks offered
  • • Set program begins at 8:15 AM

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- Fusion Demons - 7:30 AM

HDPE 101 Performance Features - 8:15 AM

HDPE 304 Pipe Bursting - 9:45 AM

Engineer Track
HDPE 302 Engineering Design -
10:45 PM
Lunch - Noon


Field Track
HDPE 307 Fusion, Repair and Fittings
- 10:45 PM
Lunch - 11:45 AM

HDPE 308 Practical: Service Taps, Datalogging and All Stations - 12:30 PM

Municipal Case Studies - 1:30 PM

This excellent educational venue will provide both the beginning and experienced pipe user what they need to know to use HDPE with confidence.


HDPE 101 "Features and Benefits"

Features and benefits of HDPE Pipe including: leak free, flexible + lowest life cycle cost.

HDPE 306 "Case Studies"

Manager confidence in the process is fundamental. Learn how other municipalities have adopted HDPE into their cities.

HDPE 301 "An Engineer’s View - In Depth"

Detailed information on formulas, behavior, surge calculations, Manning coefficient, water hammer, C-factor + pipe comparisons.

HDPE 204 "Pipe Bursting Municipal Water"

One of the most common HDPE pipe install methods explored in detail + lessons learned.

HDPE 307 "Fittings and Repair"

An important session for field staff, this presentation covers field knowledge and practical tips on use of HDPE in the field

Go Pro Cameras + Video

Fusion Demonstrations use technology to enhance experience + understanding

Parts, Connections, Fittings, Transitions

Connections, Fittings & Transitions, molded and prefab fittings on display

Fusion Butt, Electro, Saddle, Socket

Live Fusion Demonstrations and Training

Resource Center - How to Design for and Use HDPE

Market Availability, Resin features, Timing, Standard Products and Processes.



Hampton Roads SD
1434 Air Rail Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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