City of Houston loses 30 billion gallons of water due to failing water infrastructure

Houston Chronicle on August 04, 2023

(UI) – According to the Houston Chronicle, the city of Houston lost 30 billion gallons of water in 2022 due to aging infrastructure. The Chronicle also reported that the city lost 9 billion gallons from January to April 2023. The combined total loss of revenue is estimated around $150 million. The loss comes despite spending over $34 million to repair water pipes across the metropolitan area.

The Houston Public Works Department associates the water pipe damage to extreme weather, causing the ground “move and shrink.” The movement causes further damage to an already aging infrastructure system, which is currently made up of old, unreliable materials like cast iron and asbestos concrete.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the city lost more than 20% of it’s water supply “at least five times since the start of 2022.” The Chronicle also suggested that Houston’s water control is behind other major cities, such as Austin and San Antonio.

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