“HDPE has had a significant impact on our capital improvement program. We have been able to pipe burst our existing AC pipe with HDPE.  It has really allowed us to implement more miles for a lower cost.” .
     -- Alan Ambler, PE - Water Resources Director, Casselberry, Florida (suburb of Orlando)


“We first used HDPE back in the mid-90s on a pilot study. The city’s decision to implement HDPE on a full-scale basis is an excellent decision.  As the Senior Project Engineer managing 240 miles of pipes, using HDPE pipe has made my job worry free…. HDPE pipe is the material of the future.”
     -- Romel Antonio, PE Senior Project Engineer, Palo Alto CA


“We have been using HDPE for 7 years,” and “we have only fixed it once…. Our water loss went from 35% to 11% in 6 years.”
     -- Dave Stewart, Public Works Director, Lago Vista, TX


“We have lots of experience with PE.  It has been in use since the late 90’s.  I think the more people know and understand really what polyethylene is about, they will start looking at poly as we do.  And see how it is a superior product in many different ways.
     -- Robert Item, PE Senior Project Engineer, Palo Alto CA


“City Utilities has been using HDPE pipe on the water side for about 15 years. HDPE has impacted our water loss rates positively, it is a leak free system and our long term goal as we replace more and more of our bell and spigot pipe  that we will get to a system that is virtually leak free.”
     -- Casey Haynes, Casey Haynes, P.E. - Manager - Natural Gas & Water Engineering City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri